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Basically we listing spammer emails, when you marked as spam a comments or trash comment it will send a request to our server and we will list the spammers email, as long as many of our clients and user report for an email it we will give a rank for spammer as much as we get request or report.

Each listing has a grace period and we will mark as "New Spammer" for newly listing emails, as long as get many report for your email as spammers its hard to remove from our list, we have a REST API for removing email where you spammed, you need to contact their website to request remove.

This is completely free and you can use it any application or WordPress websites. we may collect a little donation in future to maintanaince server cost.

How it works?

See it in action by live example to learn how it works.

Send a request


  • report_spam: Email address
  • ref_domain: Reference domain

Return: JSON

{"spammer_found":"no","mgs":"spammer created.","status":"success"}

Get spammer status


  • check: Email address

Return: JSON

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